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We provide expert legal representation for foreign companies in Chile, including representation before public entities, signing legal documents, obtaining tax IDs, and ensuring ongoing legal compliance.

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Legal Representation in Chile for Foreign Companies

Professional Legal Representation to Support Your Business in Chile

At Chile-Business, we understand the critical importance of having reliable legal representation when establishing and operating a business in Chile. Our comprehensive legal representation services are designed to ensure that foreign companies comply with all local regulations and can operate smoothly and efficiently.

Why You Need Legal Representation

To incorporate a company in Chile, a legal representative is required by law. This legal representative must be an individual residing in Chile, either Chilean or foreign, with a permanent visa if they are not a citizen. The legal representative plays a crucial role in ensuring that your business adheres to Chilean laws and regulations, acting with the diligence and care that one would apply to their own business.

Our Legal Representation Services

1. Representation Before Public Entities

Our legal representatives act on your behalf before all public entities in Chile. This includes interacting with government agencies, regulatory bodies, and other official institutions to ensure your business meets all legal requirements.

2. Signing Bylaws and Legal Documents

We sign the bylaws of your company at a public notary, ensuring that all foundational legal documents are properly executed and compliant with Chilean law.

3. Obtaining Company Tax ID (RUT)

Our team assists in obtaining the company’s Tax Identification Number (RUT) from the Internal Revenue Service (SII). This is a critical step in initiating business activities in Chile.

4. Securing Commercial Patents

We handle the process of obtaining the necessary commercial patents from the corresponding municipality, ensuring that your business is legally permitted to operate in its chosen location.

5. Ongoing Legal Compliance

Our legal representatives ensure that your business remains compliant with all local regulations. This includes regular filings, updates, and adherence to any changes in the legal landscape.

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How We Support Your Business

  • Local Director Services: Our principals are available to act as the legal representatives for your branches or subsidiary companies in Chile. We carefully review the contingent liabilities associated with this responsibility to provide you with the best possible support.
  • Law Firm Collaboration: We collaborate with reputable law firms to provide additional legal support as needed. This ensures that you have access to a broad range of legal expertise and resources.

Key Steps Requiring Legal Representation

1. Representation before Public Entities

Ensuring compliance with all government regulations and requirements.

2. Signing Legal Documents

Executing bylaws and other foundational documents.

3. Obtaining RUT

Securing the necessary tax identification number for your business.

4. Commercial Patents

Obtaining the necessary permits for business operations.

Why Choose Chile-Business for Legal Representation?

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Experienced Legal Professionals

Our team comprises experienced legal professionals who are well-versed in Chilean business law. They provide expert guidance and representation to safeguard your business interests.

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Tailored Legal Solutions

We offer tailored legal solutions to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether you are setting up a branch or a subsidiary, our services are designed to support your unique requirements.

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Reliable and Trustworthy Representation

Trust is paramount in legal representation. Our clients can appoint their preferred local director or choose us to represent them, knowing that we take this responsibility seriously and act with the utmost integrity.

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Comprehensive Support

From initial incorporation to ongoing compliance, we provide comprehensive support to ensure that your business operates smoothly and efficiently in Chile.

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