Company review

We are a consultant with extensive national and international experience specialized in providing professional services and advice to companies in each of the stages of their life cycle in Chilean territory. Our services are characterized by rigorous handling, processing, presentation and backup of information.
We have professionals specialized in Accounting Processes, Management Information, Personnel Processes, Payment of Remunerations, Tax Services, Legal Advice, among others.
Our premise as a team is to become the strategic ally of our customers to address together relevant aspects such as the following:


Our service model is simple, direct and based on proactivity. That is, we do not expect the problems to be generated, but rather we anticipate them to manage the interests of our customers in a timely manner. We generate value by allowing those who prefer us to dedicate 100% to their business, focusing on what they know: making it grow.

We are in practice a Department of Accounting and Administration that works. We transform this area into an optimal management tool.

Technological platform and corporate protocols

Our company is at the forefront of technology. As a result, it has an accounting management system and 100% document repository in the cloud, through which customers can access their accounting information with total security from any location, facilitating interaction between the parties and the rapid and efficient decision making.

This platform manages different modules that gather all the accounting and tax information, as well as documents such as invoices, tickets, etc. Here you can see everything quickly and with the certainty that we meet the following standards:

Information backup protocol

We carry out periodic backups of the company's accounting information, data that is stored in different media and locations for greater security.

Information updated according to local regulations

Regulatory, accounting and labor changes are incorporated automatically.

Remote access

Each module has user profiles (with different attributions) that can access and interact with the information loaded.