Services for national clients


Structuring of the plan of accounts of the company, organization, supervision and updated maintenance of accounting records in accordance with national accounting standards. The activities of this service include:

  • Account information processing and accounting maintenance
    • Data processing in a cloud accounting system that incorporates the administration and recording of transactions within the company consisting of the usual income and expenses and other transactions (contracts, provisions, amortizations, etc.) that are part of the development of the deal.
  • Processing and generation of Accounting Books
    • Sales Book
    • Shopping book
    • Book of Fees
    • Diary book
    • Ledger
  • Processing and generation of Accounting Reports
    • General Balance Sheet Tax, Income Statement and delivery of monthly preliminary balances.

Bank reconciliation

This internal / administrative control system is fundamental for managing the cash flow of the company and aims to ensure that both the balance according to the accounting books and the balance according to the bank are correct. This allows:

  • Detect any posted deposit / transfer that did not reach the bank for any reason
  • Identify deposits to the account that are not posted
  • Post all bank charges
  • Detect errors in the amounts in your own accounting books or bank account
  • Ensure that all deposits are correctly reflected in the bank balance and that they have not been credited to another account

Tax Services

Our tax services are limited to the following aspects:

  • Preparation and issuance of Tax Books such as the Purchase Book, Sales Book, Honorary Book, Daily Book and General Ledger.
  • Calculation, declaration and presentation of the monthly Tax Return through Form 29 (*) that includes: Value Added Tax (VAT), Monthly Provisional Payments (PPM) and independent professionals. The above considers the file load in the Internal Revenue Service (SII).
  • Tax compliance through assistance and specific support to the client in the management of their tax obligations, be it at the level of tax declaration, presentation of sworn statements, management before the authority, among others.
  • Tax Advice to address concerns that may arise in the field of taxes. We also prepare reports on tax matters at the request of each client in a specific way, all under a permanent or punctual plan.
  • Tax diagnosis through the evaluation and analysis, from the tax point of view, of a business already underway or to be undertaken, in order to avoid contingencies or situations of non-compliance in tax matters.
  • Tax Efficiency Analysis for which we introduce the tax component in the business efficiency analysis, considering the tax exemptions or benefits that are applicable to the case, as well as the legitimate option economies for which the client may opt.


Our Payroll platform allows a complete administration of remunerations, including the following services:

  • Processing of salaries and preparation of salary settlements
    • Calculation of salaries based on the work contracts submitted and the monthly bonus information of the company. Individual payroll issuance with detailed information per employee.
  • Payroll Tax Service and Tax Report
    • Preparation of taxes and withholdings of employees, including the loading and filling of the respective form for its subsequent declaration, including a report of fiscal responsibility of payroll.
  • Social security, health plan and insurance
    • Calculation, data loading and presentation of social taxes, including pension and health plans; ISAPRE, AFP, FONASA, Mutuals and / or Pension Normalization Institute, compensation funds, among others.
  • Ledger
    • We integrate the concepts of the payroll into the chart of accounts of the company with its respective deduction, registration and accounting centralization of all the amounts that are part of the remunerations.
  • Vacation registration
    • We record, process and maintain a record of employee vacations by calculating the annual vacation entitlement according to the information provided by the client.

Treasury Services

The treasury management services contemplate:

  • Identification, loading, processing and visa of payment orders
  • Preparation of a monthly cash flow to determine the working capital needs that the company requires to operate regularly

Operation Annual Income and Sworn Declarations

In the month of April of each year, the company must carry out the Rent Operation consisting of a series of activities. These consist of the preparation and presentation of Form 22 of the income tax of the companies and their partners or shareholders, as well as the preparation, correction, adjustments and presentation of annual balance sheets, and the preparation of the Tax Profit Fund (FUT). In the same way, and complying with the regulations of the Law on Income Tax, the sworn statements of the companies required by the Internal Revenue Service (SII) must be prepared and presented.