Updating codes and glosses in the SII

From 1 November the updating of the codes and the glosses of the economic activities of the taxpayers made automatically by the Internal Revenue Service (SII) came into force. The purpose of the measure is to update and standardize the classification used in the country with which the United Nations (UN) uses internationally.

As of this date, the new codes that identify each activity along with the description thereof are available to taxpayers, which were updated through a joint work of the SII with the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

Taxpayers who consider that the new code does not correspond to their activity, may make their modification through the SII website, Online Services menu, option to expand business or economic activity.

They will also have the possibility to change the gloss or description of their activities, if they require it, as they have done so far.

Recoding process
This process of updating the codes of economic activities is carried out automatically for the documents of the electronic billers that use the Free Invoicing System of the SII, as of November 1. Those who use other systems, should request the updating of the codes to their provider.

Meanwhile, those who still have tax documents stamped on paper (such as checkbooks or tickets), may continue to use such documentation until the next stamping process, at which time they must update this information in all documentation that includes the economic activity code respective.

The updating of the codes and glosses corresponds to the adaptation of the Chilean Classifier of Economic Activities, carried out by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) to the Uniform International Industrial Classifier (ISIC) of the UN.